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Shandong Jitian Aroma Chemical Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research, production, and sales of heterocyclic and sulfur-containing flavors, and a listed company on the "NEEQ" (stock code: 871258). In 2018, it also invested in Shandong Jitian Biotechnology Co., LTD., a subsidiary company in Zoucheng Chemical Industrial Park (Taiping), with a total investment of about RMB 360 million, covering an area of 52,600 square meters, and build a modern factory building with intelligent control.
In the process of development, the company has cooperated with Tsinghua University, Tianjin Institute of Chemical Reagents, Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance & Flavor Industry, Capital Normal University and Zaozhuang University to jointly research and develop new products and new technologies.The company has two R&D platforms, "Zaozhuang Jitian Fragrance Engineering Technology Center" and "Zaozhuang Enterprise Technology Center", with  more than 20 full-time R&D staff.
The company invests about RMB 4 million in the research and development of new products and technologies every year. At present, it has 8 invention patents, 18 utility model patents and 15 software Copyrights.
Company's products are mainly used in: food flavor, cosmetic flavor, feed flavor, pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticides, veterinary drug intermediates. Products include: natural and chemical 12 series synthesis of Pyrazine, Pyrrole, Pyridine, Thiazole, Thiophene, Furan, Mercaptan, Sulfide, Aldehyde, Ketone, Alcohol, Ester, more than 280 varieties.
The product synthesis reaction format includes, Halogenation, Acylation, Hydrolysis, Ammonia, Addition reaction, Oxidation, Reduction, Condensation, Rearrangement and other reaction types. In addition, the company also provides customers with special product customization services.
The company achieved "Food Production License", "STAR-K KOSHER" certification, "SHC-HALAL" certification, ISO9001  and ISO22000.
The company certified as "Top 100 Enterprises" by China food additives and ingredients association, "Top 10 Enterprises in Spice Industry" by China Association of Fragrance flavor and Cosmetics Industries, "Top 10  Brands" in Shandong Daily chemical industry, "Charity Pacesetter" and "Charity Pacesetter for Helping the Disabled" by the local government. It was rated as "Innovative Enterprises" and "Specialized and innovative Enterprises" by Shandong Province.
The company spirit of "green environmental protection, safety and health, improvement and innovation, quality supply" concept of sustainable development, for China and Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia, a total of 460 customers to provide high-quality products and excellent services.